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Themed and Bespoke Ceremonies

A themed ceremony is a type of ceremony where the couple of family chooses a specific theme or concept to guide the overall style, decorations, attire and atmosphere of their special day. Rather than following the traditional or conventional wedding norms, a themed ceremony allows you your personalities and interests in a unique and creative way. 

Themes can vary widely, ranging from specific time periods like the 1920s or Renaissance era, to pop culture themes inspired by films, books or TV shows. Some popular ceremony themes include vintage, beach fairy tale, rustic, travel, seasonal (such as winter wonderland or spring garden), or fan themes like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Themed ceremonies are a fun and memorable way to personalise your day. Within your celebrant-led ceremony, your theme will be included within the ceremony script, the music and all special elements can be modified.

Take a look below for ceremony theme inspiration.

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