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Naming, Adoption and Family Blending Ceremonies

A Naming, Adoption or Family Blending Ceremony celebrates the birth, naming and/or welcoming of a new child into the family, as well as celebrating the joining of families. 

Family Portrait

Every new life, new addition to a family, or joining of families is a gift – a fresh chapter waiting to be written. What better way to honour and celebrate this new beginning than with a unique Naming, Adoption or Family Blending Ceremony?

In a world where traditions blend and individuality thrives, more families are seeking out meaningful, celebrant-led ceremonies that reflect their values, beliefs, and hopes for their child’s and family’s future. Offering a unique and personal touch, ceremonies are designed to truly capture a family’s journey. 

A naming ceremony is to announce and acknowledge the name(s) of a baby, child or adult within
a family, social group or a friendship circle. Most commonly associated with babies, naming
ceremonies can also include older siblings or take place when a baby or child has been adopted.
They are also milestone marking ceremonies if a young person or adult changes their name. In the same way, family blending ceremonies celebrate the joining of two families. 

From selecting symbolic rituals – such as naming ribbons and sand unity – to heartfelt promises and blessings, every aspect of the ceremony will be customised to reflect your family’s values and cultural heritage. Working closely with yourselves, I will take time to understand your wishes, stories and dreams, to create a ceremony that is unique as the child and/or family that is being celebrated.

Not only do celebrant-led Naming Ceremonies celebrate your child, they also honour the parents and the significant role they play in their child’s life. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for parents to express their love and commitment to their little one, while also acknowledging the love and support of family and friends who are also present to witness the milestone. Couples often choose to incorporate a Renewal of Vows into these ceremonies, too.

Naming, Adoption and Family Blending Ceremonies are £450. This is inclusive of meeting and interview, four special ceremony elements of your choice, assistance with choosing special readings and music, draft ceremony and final written ceremony, officiating of ceremony, and contact via email, phone and Zoom, where required.

The recommended ceremony elements suggested for these ceremonies include:

  • Ceremony Certificate

  • Unity Sand

  • Naming Ribbon

  • Wishing Tree or Jar

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