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All Inclusive Wedding Package

An all inclusive, personalised wedding ceremony package starts from £750 and includes:

  • Initial interview via Zoom or face to face (1-2 hours).

  • Getting to know you questionnaire (1 hour).

  • Four special ceremony elements of your choice, including any custom element.

      (see below for examples of ceremony elements)

  • Assistance with choosing special readings or music, where required.

  • Draft ceremony (6-8 hours).

  • Venue liaison/visit (1-2 hours).

  • The draft Anatomy of a Ceremony (1-2 hours).

  • Second interview to agree and modify the first draft of the ceremony (1-2 hours).

  • Completion of the finalised draft (2-3 hours).

  • Final interview and rehearsal (2-3 hours).

  • Presentation copy of the ceremony and an Order of Ceremony (1-2 hours).

  • Officiate ceremony (2-3 hours).

  • Contact via email, phone and Zoom, where required - unlimited.

    Additional costs agreed prior to the ceremony:

  • Travel expenses - 50p per mile after 25 miles

  • Accommodation - at cost if overnight stay required

  • Fancy/themed dress - at cost as required

  • Bespoke Poetry written specifically for you from £50

  • Speech/vow writing from £50

Special Elements

Special ceremony elements, sometimes referred to as ‘rituals’, are additional smaller elements incorporated into your wedding ceremony.

Click here to find out about some of the more popular elements although there are more, and bespoke elements will be created for you if required.


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